CITMIL® (a subsidiary of Academi Corp.) is a domestic 2010 startup consolidation of independent, contract civilian providers of Security, Surveillance and Communications whom are based throughout the United States. We provide a one-stop shop for your needs in Private Communications, VIP Security and Courier Services as well as Aerial and ground based Intelligence and Surveillance Services.

All CITMIL® service contractors are fully qualified in their respected fields such as;

      • Executive and Corporate Security
      • Tactical Combat and Special Weapons
      • Secure Communications and Intelligence
      • High Value Transportation and Logistics

Most CITMIL® contactors are former combat veterans of the  United States Military Forces and or specialists who are licensed in their field of expetise. The CITMIL® mission is YOUR mission which will be researched, planned and executed with outcomes specifically designed for you. Please feel free to request a VIP consultation regarding your protective needs.