Secure and Private Military Grade Communications

CITMIL® is a leading provider of secure and private radio communication systems all over the world. We offer Professional mobile radio (also known as private mobile radio (PMR) in the UK and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) in North America) which is person-to-person two-way radio voice communications systems that use portable, mobile, base station, and dispatch console radios. Our radio systems are based on the DMR standard which is designed for dedicated use by specific organizations intended for general commercial use.

CITMIL® communication systems are used by private groups, small businesses, special events, and by commercial firms such as private security contractors, delivery services, construction companies and more. Because we use the DMR standard, users are not limited by any range. We can connect individuals or groups all over the world securely and privately.

Currently. our DMR server deployment locations include, Atlanta, NY/NJ, Chicago, Dallas, L.A., Miami, Seattle, SV, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Sidney.